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my mind, my heart. sometimes i'm so bitter other times i can't stop smiling.
I've forgotten what enjoying a nice book is. it's my 1st year in college. I have Noo idea what to think of it.
-I believe there's love somewhere out there, maybe. just for some,

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"Fasting is a virtue that restrains desire; for sin occurs more readily by excess in delights, and so it is virtuous to restrain the bodily appetites."

St. Thomas Aquinas (via catholicsoul)


"Lent offers us an opportunity to slow down, to meander rather than to rush, to allow life to sink in a bit, to find ways to go deeper and not always stay on the surface. A time to observe, to pay attention, and then to act — and in so doing provide the space to move from rush to replenish. When we take this practice seriously, we plant its blessings so that they benefit not only us in our lives for this season, but also extend to the world around us."

~Erin Dunigan, from "The Induced Meandering of Lenten Season"

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The Road To El Dorado is MOST DEFINITELY not a kids movie


only when i’m with you